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Written by Jasper Whitlow, whitlowjasper@gmail.com, 01.11.2020



The University Group of Potsdam calls you to join the

Demo in Berlin am 14.11.2020
12-15 Uhr, Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin


The goal of our demonstration is to bring the conflict in the North-
and South-West regions of Cameroon, also called Southern
Cameroons and Ambazonia, to an end. The demonstration wishes to unite all those who speak out
for an end of the crisis. Together we stand against the killing of civilians, against the burning down of
villages, against the abuse, rape and exiling of hundreds of thousands of human beings. We demand
governments and human rights organizations to bring an end of the crisis and to start a genuine
dialogue in which laws are changed in favor of an equal and just Cameroonian Governmental system.
In addition, we wish to hold a candlelight vigil to show our respect to the children killed in Kumba
and Ngarbuh, as well as remember all civilians who have died in the conflict so far.


We would like to ask every participant to wear a facemask and to keep distance from one and other.
Only if we all abide by this rule can we guarantee your safety. Please respect this rule so that the
demonstration can be a success.

Please wear black in order to remember all killed civilians .
Bring candles and something to protect them from the wind.

National flags are not welcome at our demonstration. Please leave them at home. We wish to focus
on our similarities, not on our differences.


Loretta Ntui is the main organizer of the demonstration. Loretta is 26 years old, lives in Germany and
supports street children in Cameroon and Nigeria through her organization „Children Hub Africa“.

Facebook: Loretta Ntui
Instagram: Kellenlorretta
Email: lorettaonekentui@gmail.com

Come in large numbers; tell everybody you know,
also via mailing lists!

Selina Syed  [10. November 2020]

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