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Everyone has probably asked themselves that before, if not several times. What does the AStA do anyway? And why do I need it? What do they do with my 15 € that I paid to the AStA?

It’s something that everyone has asked, probably more than once: What does the AStA do, anyway? What do I need it for? And where do my 10€ go every semester?

The General Students‘ Committee (AStA), as it is advertised, takes care of the concerns of students vis-à-vis the university management and the state government. We formulate your interests in front of the public and politicians. We also set up services that every student can afford or no longer has to afford because they are free of charge.

The Allgemeine Studierendenausschuss (AStA) works for students, taking care of matters that concern the relationship between you, the university, and the government. We represent your interests in public and in politics. We also provide services that every student can afford (some of which are free!).

Many of you don’t exactly have many points of contact with the AStA. If you are not involved in university politics, do not lose your semester ticket, do not need BAföG counseling or social counseling, do not want to have a website on the student server, do not feel like going to the university summer party, do not need the refund of the 51 € enrollment fee, do not want initial legal advice, do not want to have a student project funded or are not enthusiastic about other student culture, you don’t have that. As you can read, quite a range of offers that we offer for you.

Some of you may yet to have had much contact with the AStA. Indeed, if you aren’t involved with university politics, haven’t lost your semester ticket, don’t need advice dealing with BAfög or social issues, if you don’t want a website on the student server and you’re not that in to the Uni-Summerfest, if you just don’t need the 51€ refund of the enrollment fee, or you’ve never needed some advice on a legal issue, don’t need funding for a student initiative, or otherwise are just uninterested in student culture – well then you probably would never have had any contact with us…

But who is it actually and how do you get into the AStA? The General Students‘ Committee is elected by the Student Parliament (StuPa) for one year. It is the executive body (like the federal government in Berlin) for the StuPa. The twelve speakers try to be competent contact persons for you and outsiders in their respective fields. If you want to know who exactly is behind the seven departments and when you can take advantage of the services, just take a look at team.

Come to think of it, we really do offer a lot of services for students. But who makes up this AStA anyway, and how would one get involved? AStA representatives are voted for by the Student Government and stay in their roles for one year. Essentially, the AStA is the executive body of the student government. The twelve representatives that make up AStA try to be the most competent contact persons in their respective fields for you and for people from outside the university.

We are there for you and your problems during the specified opening hours at the Neues Palais in House 6 (ATTENTION: Limited opening hours during the lecture-free period).

Want to know who is in charge of particular AStA offices and who can do what for you? Click here to check out our Team. We’re available during office hours at the Neuen Palais im Haus 6 (we have reduced office hours during the semester break). Sign up for a mailing list to receive information about the goings on at AStA – like the results of our current attempt to refund 51€ of the enrollment fee for all students! (click here to subscribe)

Our office is located on the Neues Palais campus in House 6.

Our office is located on the Campus Neues Palais in building 6.

Telephone: For the time being, there will be no telephone consultation hours. Please write an email to the relevant departments or service points.

For the time being, there are no telephone consultation hours. Please send an email to the respective department or service point.

Fax: (0331) 977-1795
eMail: info@astaup.de

The building in which our AStA offices are located is equipped with barrier-free access.

The building in which our AStA offices are located is equipped with barrier-free access.

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The following opening hours apply during the lecture period:

  • Tuesday, 12-2 p.m.
  • Mittwoch, 13-16 Uhr

Euer AStA-Team

Außerhalb der Öffnungszeiten erreicht ihr uns per Mail unter info@astaup.de

Outside the opening hours you can reach us by e-mail at info@astaup.de

In der vorlesungsfreien Zeit gelten eingeschränkte Öffnungszeiten: Bitte schreibt uns eine Mail an info@astaup.de

During the lecture-free period the restricted opening hours apply: please write a mail to info@astaup.de


In der Vorlesungszeit finden AStA-Sitzungen wöchentlich dienstags um 15.00 Uhr statt. Wir tagen am Campus Neues Palais in Haus 6, Raum 0.22
Ihr könnt euch einfach per zoom digital zuschalten. Wenn ihr teilnehmen wollt, findet ihr folgend den Link. Anträge werden ab 17.00 Uhr behandelt.

During the lecture period weekly on Tuesdays at 15.00
at the Neues Palais in House 6. Applications will be dealt with from 17.00 hrs.

Online Link Sessions of the 27. AStA
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Meeting-ID: 649 2350 8824
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Wenn Du Anträge an den AStA stellen willst, dann benutze bitte folgende eMail-Adresse: antraege@astaup.de. Beachte zu den Anträgen bitte folgende Hinweise!

If you want to apply to the AStA, please use the following email address: antraege@astaup.de. Please pay attention to the following hints!